Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Ground Rules

Okay. Blog created... check! Bitchin' piece of Bob Powell artwork with blog title in the word balloon posted... check! Awkward opening post about doing a blog written... check! Head swelling with the heady rush of tossing my ideas out into the harsh cold of the world-wide interwebs... check! Blog launch successful! So now I suppose I should write a little something to tell people what the blog's going to be about.

Comics, primarily. Or funnybooks, as I usually call them. They're a lifelong passion of mine, I read a lot of them every month, and I enjoy talking about them. Mostly, I'll be writing reviews. But I'll also do some comics industry commentary when I feel the urge, and maybe even some (gasp!) journalistic pieces about comics or creators that I like.

But I'm an all-purpose dork. Other than comics, I also have an unhealthy interest in movies, music, television, real books with words in them... Most forms of entertainment, really. My tastes tend to run toward the fantastic, but anything that's well-crafted (or at least heart-felt) falls within my range of interest. So I'll be writing about all that stuff, too. Mostly with reviews, but sometimes just to share my enthusiasm for something. Because why the hell not?

And that's about it. Now to get some content worth reading up here...

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