Saturday, August 14, 2010

Batman Doesn't Have to Put Up With This Kind of Crap!

One of my favorite things about old DC comics are the insane covers. They'd throw any whacky, impossible, wrong, bat-shit idea they could think of on there to get you to buy a copy. The Superman comics were maybe the best for this, and somebody's put together a collection of  75 Action Comics Covers That Are Worth Their Weight in Gold for our enjoyment. They're all pretty awesome, but here's my favorite:


  1. If you truly think that Batman never had to "put up with this kind of crap", then I would like to invite you to go back and revisit some of the old World's Finest covers. Batman on those covers could make Adam West look like the dark knight.

  2. Okay, you got me there! I mostly remember the World's Finest stuff where he'd become a criminal, or (my favorite) be shown wearing a crown because he and Supes had become the kings of the world. But I also seem to remember a "Bat Van Winkle" cover, where he sleeps a long time and grows a giant white beard, so...

  3. I noticed the one with the crowns the other day in one of the boxes on Dave's counter.