Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween's Over...

...but wasn't it fun?

Personally, all of us here on the Dork Forty are just a teeny tiny bit... depressed... now that our favorite time of the year has passed. I mean, we did get to see the Great Punkin, and that was pretty great, but... I dunno. It's like somethin's gone outta life now that we've scared all the evil spirits away for another year. I mean, we gotta wait til next October 1st to really look over our shoulders in fear that some weird boogitty-man's gonna be waitin' there with a meat cleaver! And none of our non-dork friends will be willin' to put up with our Screamin' Lord Sutch records again til then, either! Not even when he's coverin' Little Richard! And god forbid you suggest watchin' another horror movie til anytime after Christmas!

Huh. I guess this is whatcha call post-mortem depression.

But anyway. It ain't all bad. Now that I don't feel compelled to post somethin' every single day, I can get caught up on my TeeVee! I actually filled my DVR with unwatched programmin' in October! I wound up deletin' my saved copy of The Incubus by mistake 'cause I got in such a hurry to make room for last night's Venture Brothers! OH the humanity! How long will it be before I get to see Billy Shatner talkin' in Esperanto again?!

But I can get back to my normal course of talkin' about the funnybooks again, too. Expect a mighty big "Last Month's Comics Today" comin' tomorrow night. And all this yappin' I did about Halloweenie things in the last month reminded me that, when I started this blog for the nerd farm, I'd intended to talk about more than just the funnybooks. 'Cause, seriously, we're really all-purpose dorks out here. We like the movies and the TeeVee, too. And the music and lord knows what all else. So I'll be writin' more about all that kinda stuff comin' up, as well. Not every day, mind you. 'Cause that near-'bout killed me...


  1. How long will it be before I get to see Billy Shatner talkin' in Esperanto again?!

    Ne senesperu! La filmo "Inkubo" disponeblas per Ĝi nuntempe ne plu haveblas senpere ĉe Amazon; mi supozas ke ĝi elvendiĝis pro Halloween kaj baldaŭ revendiĝos denove. Ĝis tiam vi povas aĉeti ĝin ĉe tiuj aliaj retejoj pere de

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  2. Incubus seems a fitting sacrifice for the Halloweening times. Sad but if something had to be taken to slaughter, make it the most powerful piece of dorkdom available. It must have been a good Halloween indeed. Save some of that mojo for me, huh?

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Michjo! I had just assumed Incubus hadn't been released on DVD. Just another reminder that, in a world where "That's My Momma" got a DVD release, you can probably find most anything!

    And, Trelbee: I'm always savin' a little mojo for you. I have to: it's stored in those brain cells we share. Here, let me poke at 'em a little...

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