Friday, January 7, 2011

The Monster Channel

So it's been a little quiet here on the Dork Forty this week. My apologies; the day job's been keepin' me too busy to get much nerd farmin' done. But I did wanna pop in tonight to mention that one of my favorite websites, 100 Years of Monster Movies, has done somethin' pretty special: it's transformed itself (no doubt via vile sorcery or mad science of some kind) into The Monster Channel!

Hit that link above, and you'll enter a world of 24-7 live streaming monster movies! All the grade-z public domain horror movies, classic movie ads, and monster culture music videos you can stand! MORE, even! Monster Channel launched on January 1st, and I haven't had too much time to watch since then, but what I've seen has been impressive. I caught part of Penny Dreadful's horror host documentary, a bunch of my favorite bad movies, and saw a Hasil Adkins video (the true sign of class)! It's like Chiller, if it was run by people with taste!

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