Sunday, February 13, 2011

Covering the New Avengers

So over at Bleeding Cool, they've previewed a bunch of New Avengers cover sketches done for The Hero Initiative, a charitable organization devoted to helping aging funnybook creators who've fallen on hard times. Some artists drew the current New Avengers team, while others chose whatever line-up or characters they remember most fondly. You can see highlights at the Bleeding Cool link, and the full batch at the Hero Initiative (about half of the projected 100 are up as of this writing). And you should definitely check 'em out: there's some really nice work in there, with a wide range of artists donating their work to a good cause. In the meantime, though, here are a few I thought were particularly nifty, all of which may be clicked to be embiggened...

Colleen Coover

Al Milgrom

George Perez

Andy Kubert

J Bone

Aaron Sowd

Steve Epting

And finally, my personal favorite...

Dave Johnson

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