Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Night on the Dork Forty: Enter Mr. Lobo's Domain!

So it's been a long, hot summer here on the Dork Forty. We took a little vacation from the reviews, turned our attention elsewhere for a while, and kinda just let things pile up around here on the nerd farm. You should see the giant stack of stuff we've got sitting there waiting to be belatedly written up. It's frankly a bit overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that we won't be getting to it tonight.

No, tonight I wanted to simply direct your attention to the Dork Forty's new favorite portion of the YouTube empire: Cinema Insomnia TV! As we've spent ample time outlining in the past, we're big fans of the horror host genre around here, and Mr. Lobo (host of Cinema Insomnia) is our favorite of the current generation of hosts.

The Man Himself!

Lobo's mix of classic (and not-so-classic) public domain schlock, retro commercials and some genuinely clever host humor segments always make for an entertaining evening, whenever we can catch it. And now, we can catch it pretty much whenever we wanna. Because Mr. Lobo's posted up about 20 full-length episodes, with movies, to his YouTube station. These are mostly the episodes he's been making available via streaming video at his website, but now you can watch whichever of them you want, whenever you want, instead of constantly stumbling upon the Superbug episode like we do.

(Which, you know... Nothing against Superbug. It's a funny episode, with one of those rare movies that's so mind-bogglingly awful that you can't believe it exists. But after the third or fourth viewing, even if you're just turning it on to nap to... Well, let's just say that the nerd wranglers get restless, and that's never a good thing.)

Anyway. After the jump, I've linked to one of my all-time favorite B Movies, and one of my favorite episodes of Cinema Insomnia as well: Vincent Price in Last Man on Earth. It's a genuinely effective low-budget adaptation of the novel I Am Legend, and in his portion of the show, Mr. Lobo paints a portrait of masculinity that should be all too familiar to those of us in the Dork Nation. It's worth a click just to see the opening PSA, though...

Alright. We've pulled the projector out and hung the sheet on the barn. So pull up a lawn chair. Grab yourself something cold to drink and one of those big bowls of popcorn we've got sitting out on the card table over there. Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy...

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