Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movie Night on the Dork Forty: Rejected

So it's been a quiet week around the Dork Forty. The day job's been keepin' me off the nerd farm lately; I'll try to fix that tomorrow, with some of my usual long-winded funnybook talk. But for tonight, I'm a little too tuckered out. So I thought we'd just toss the bedsheet over the barn door and settle in for another movie night. And since it's the Christmas season, I thought we'd bring you that heartwarmin' dork family classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! And we will! But first, a heartwarmin' family cartoon: Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected!

Now, Rejected ain't a Christmas cartoon. We should just get that outta the way right up front. But it is the inspiration for that awesome snowman picture we put up earlier in the week! And since we've had a couple of people ask what's up with that thing, we thought we'd answer 'em by showin' the source.

Special thanks to friend and honorary nerd wrangler Brian Crocker for remindin' us where the image came from, by the way; that caused us to look this cartoon up again and be reminded of its terrifyin' glory. Which you can also enjoy, in stunnin' HD... after the jump.

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