Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey Hey Hey!

So the sun's gone down again, we got the razor blades in all the candy apples for Maw to hand out back at the house, and we're back to waitin' in the punkin patch. The Great Punkin might show up any minute now! We're so excited. But while we wait, let's check out the Fat Albert Halloween Special!

Made in 1977, this one's your typical 70s kids' cartoon for the most part. Cool as the Fat Albert gang was, that show got pretty damn preachy at times, and this Halloween special is no exception. Between all the awesome put-downs, it's really about Halloween safety, and how it's wrong to scare old people, and all kindsa weak-ass crap like that. But! There's a section right in the middle with Mudfoot talking about how much better (and more Darwinian) Halloween was when he was a kid, and that's worth sitting through the rest for. So... without further ado... I give you The Fat Albert Halloween Special!

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