Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mars Attacks, Panic Ensues

So it's time for a dinner break. But while you wait... why not enjoy a real American Halloween tradition, and give a listen to this myterious radio broadcast from 1938, when the Martians attacked New Jersey. Just, please, whatever you do... DO NOT PANIC!

Keep your nerves steady, and start listening... after the jump.

Heh. I hope I never stop loving that. Ever since I was a kid, people have scoffed at the supposed gullibility and unsophistication of radio audiences in the 1930s. But you know... listening to War of the Worlds with a fresh ear... I can understand how it happened. Lots of people missed the introduction that identified the show as a Mercury Theatre production, and if you take that off... It sounds real. The sequence covering the Martians' initial attack is particularly well-done. Those screams sound real, and they even go so far as to include an interview with a guy who was listening to the broadcast before the Martians showed up in his back yard. It was just a damn clever broadcast that unintentionally tricked a whole bunch of people. And before you go thinking that it couldn't happen now... I would just remind you of how many people thought The Blair Witch Project was a documentary...

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