Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Screaming Lord Sutch Story

So now we find ourselves on the 23rd day of the Countdown to Halloween (fnord), and I've just been pointed toward an old British television documentary on one of horror rock's greatest performers:

Screaming Lord Sutch!

Lord Sutch got a spot on my 13 Halloween Songs list earlier in the month, and it's great to be able to learn more about the guy. This is a bit of a fluff piece, as these things generally are, but it still gives some interesting insights into Lord Sutch's performance philosophies, and a couple or three tremendously entertaining live performances, to boot. As you can see... after the jump!

Here's part one of the documentary, which features an out-of-control performance of Little Richards' "Jenny Jenny Jenny" and some words from Lord Sutch about how much he loves horror:

Part two has less music, but delves into the beginnings of Lord Sutch's political career (he ran for Parliament on a platform of giving the vote to teens), and a section featuring some of the most painfully honest fan letters from teenage girls you're ever likely to hear...

And finally, part three, which is essentially an extended version of the "Jack the Ripper" performance I linked to in my 13 Halloween Songs list. Check it out anyway, though. It features one of Lord Sutch's legendary on-stage "knife murders"...

The period of this documentary was the height of Lord Sutch's music career. He put out a few more albums and singles as time went on, and continued to play occasional live gigs throughout his life.  But mostly, he seems to have concentrated on making joke runs for Parliament as the leader and figurehead of his "Monster Raving Looney Party." Lord Sutch stood in around 40 elections between the 60s and the 90s, never winning, but probably never really wanting to win anyway. Sadly, and perhaps surprisngly considering his public persona, he struggled with depression all his life, and finally succumbed in 1999, committing suicide at the age of 59.

I doubt that's what he'd like to be remembered for, though, so instead I'll leave you with two of my other favorite Lord Sutch tracks...


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